Self-Discipline and What You can do to Have More of it

What's going on today guys, it's Christian from the Fourth Society team coming back at you with a little more free advice on self-discipline.

Have you ever wondered how you could be a little more successful at daily tasks or daily routines? The gym? Work? Even a game? 

Many of these things are not very outwardly related, however there is one thing which they require, and that is discipline. 

When you have self-discipline you can physically, emotionally, and/or mentally block out any resistance from pain and continue despite great amounts of discomfort. So how can you improve your self discipline? its simple. 

First things first, one must have a specific goal set in mind, and a mental picture of accomplishing that goal to go along with it. You'll help yourself stay motivated and continue towards that outcome, while still knowing specifically what to work towards. After all, how can you complete a lap on the track if you don't know where the track ends? 

Another concept which is extremely important when working towards your goal is being able to turn what was before impossible into the possible. Keep this in mind: nothing is impossible. And when we say that, we mean that. If you cannot emotionally believe that a certain improvement on your life is possible, then you will never be able to achieve that better state of living. This is plainly and simply due to the fact that you will never work as hard as you could have when you actual believe you're goal is truly achievable. 

But this brings another point. If those things which, in our mind, are subconsciously considered 'impossible' are actually possible, why are they labeled impossible?

Simply put, those who label tasks or goals impossible are the ones who gave up on their own goals way too quick. If you set yourself a goal, (as impossible as it may be) you must understand that in the beginning stages of working towards that goal you will see little to no results. This is normal. Unless your some kind of magician, messing up in the begging happens to everyone. So its more about how your gonna plan your next attack to see more results, then why you haven't seen more results.    

This is the spot where countless souls fall along their way to achieving goals. The truth is most people give up on their goals before seeing results (which is way too early of a time to quit.) However, those people you see who are successful in anything (life, health, finances, etc.) are the ones who saw the endgame in mind, and despite not seeing results, continued to figure out new ways to turn that goal from what seemed impossible into something possible. 

If there is any free information you can walk away with from this blog, its this: 

Keep your mind straight. Know your goal and truly believe its achievable. You cannot lie to yourself. If you don't truly believe in your goal, your not enough of a dreamer.