The Law of 33% & Why You Need It To Be Successful

Hey guys! It's Alex from Fourth Society.

This is another critical piece of advice to your success in anything so make sure you take this in well.

One of the greatest painters in history, Pablo Picasso said:

"Good artists copy but great artists steal."

What he means by this is the concept of "building upon" other people's great work. It doesn't necessarily mean steal as in like a bank job. So how does this affect you and I and our success with anything we want in life? It's simple.

The law of 33%

It states that 33% of your time needs to be spent with people below you.Below you in the sense that you've already accomplished yesterday what they are fighting today. These are people YOU can mentor, and it makes you feel good. It builds self-esteem and trust me.

You're going to need all the self-esteem you can muster up. It's hard always being around people greater than you.

33% of your time needs to then be spent with people on your level. These will be your friends. These are the people you make memories with and who you go through things together.

But then, the last 33% of your time needs to be around people light years ahead of you. You need to spend your time around outliers. True changers. People ahead of you by 10 or 20 years in whatever you're fighting for. These will be your mentors and these 4 or 5 hours of your day will be the most important and the dictator of your success. 

 You have to be a learning machine.

I learned this from one of my very first mentors, Tai Lopez and he charged me for it. I'm going to just pass it on to you for free.

The reason the law of 33% works is because it's perfectly formulated. It's hard to be the dumbest person in the room all the time, trust me I know. So the law of 33% allows you 33% of your time to be around people below you, so that YOU'RE the smartest one in the room. 

A bonus for you. (you know I love giving you free value) :D

If you are feeling uncomfortable when you're around people greater than you, you're doing it right so get excited. You need to feel pushed. If you don't, it's not the law of 33% in effect.

Tony Robbins says: "when you succeed you party, but when you fail you ponder". And the truth is ALL greatness comes from pondering.

Rock bottom teaches you lessons the top could never. 

Take this advise and apply it to your own life. Implement it and watch your success, all-of-a-sudden, become more than tangible. 


The kid who would never amount to anything,