Your 500 Year Old Mind & Why It'll Make You Fail

Hey guys, It's Alex from Fourth Society & I have some more gold for you today.

This is foundational. If you can't master this you will never be successful. 

Get this:

"The strongest do NOT survive. The species that survive is the one that is best able to adapt to the change of the physical, spiritual, moral, political & social environment in which it finds itself."

I learned that from an old book I read I don't remember the name.

So what does this mean for you and I?

Well think back to high school. Is it the football team's quarterback who is the most successful today?  Or maybe the prettiest girl? Or the smartest person in the class? 

No. It's the intangibles I mentioned before. It's the person who had the intangibles back then who is the most successful today. Your IQ and strength mean nothing in success.

"Alex, to be successful, you must be adaptable, changeable & teachable."

My first mentor taught me that. And boy was he right. Just look at Michael Jordan. He is arguably the greatest basketball player of all time and he knew it. He was outwardly cocky, but he was inwardly humble.

What does this mean? Well,

It means he was teachable. He was humble enough to accept that he didn't know everything and he learned from his coaches and mentors. Now look at him.

Look, I know how it is. Us hustlers we have the mentality of " I can do it on my own", but understand you can't. Be honest with yourself. This has been the reason why you've wasted weeks, months, years, DECADES doing something you should have adapted out of. 

I've been in your shoes and I know what I'm telling you. Become teachable and adaptable.

It'll save you a lot of heartache in the future and will cut your road to success by in half.

We've been wired to fail. The way society looks at it, If you don't have a college degree, IQ of 125, a good job and a steady paycheck, you will never be successful. 

But I call BS.

I know people who have been in the same place in life for the past 30 years. If you ask me, those are the failures. 

So what's today's golden nugget? 

Whatever your adaptability rate is, cut it in half. Cut it. Because the speed you can adapt and evolve is the speed in which you can get whatever it is that you want out of life and become successful. 

Your mind is 500 years old. And this gets in the way of success.

What I mean is that in your mind you have traits or tendencies from your ancestors from 500 years ago. And 500 years ago, people believed things like:

- The Earth is flat

- The Earth is the center of the universe

And the people who challenged these beliefs were hanged at the stake, burned alive, killed, excommunicated, etc. The world was understood in black and white. 

Fast forward to today and people still see things in black and white but the second you start seeing things like this, it the second you stop being adaptable and changeable. 

And you will be destined to fail. 

I don't want you to fail. That's why I'm giving you this crucial advice for free.

I want you to be successful because I promised my mother I would one day be successful and help a lot of people. 

I hope you make the right decision. Your hopes and dreams depend on it.