About Us

Fourth Society was founded by Alex Ramos and co-founded by Christian Ramos in beautiful Tucson, Arizona originally as an offline business venture. It launched online as a clothing line in the second half of 2018. We are committed to bringing you the finest clothing quality available for the streets. 

Our designs are all for The Few. But who are "The Few"? Well, it's a bit complicated. The Few will know they are The Few. It's a vibe. A way of life. A society of only the freshest people with the cleanest attitudes and looks. Not everyone will resonate with this way of life and if you don't, please, I ask you not to purchase any of our clothing. The Fourth Society isn't for everyone. Only The Few are allowed to purchase. Every design you find is printed with the finest material on the market and thus guaranteed to be original and true to the pictures on each listing. You will not find these shirts anywhere else because we cut out the middleman to bring you the highest grade apparel at the lowest possible price. 



Alex Ramos was born in Douglas, Arizona on January 6th of 1998 and he is the CEO and founder of Fourth Society Co. Since then he has lived in multiple cities across multiple countries to understand different cultures and learn from different mentors to create the PERFECT clothing brand that will redefine what style means. With an average of 5 hours of sleep daily, he manages to run two businesses, read one book a week on entrepreneurship, finances, social life, clothing style and overall life fulfillment, He travels at least once a month to conferences around the US to learn from the greatest speakers and entrepreneurs of all time before him.

Alex started in business when he was eight years old with a Koolade stand because he didn't have lemonade and a bucket as a table because he didn't have an actual table. Needless to say, he wasn't very successful and his first business was a flop. The only sales he made where from his close friends and family. Alex then went on and created a yard and lawn service business and had one employee at the time: CHRISTIAN RAMOS. Little did he know Christian would later become his business partner. They had clients all over their childhood neighborhood in Tucson and where making $6 an hour (pretty good for kids). Alex has always been a hustler. Even in school he would walk out of cooking class and sell the food he cooked and walked out of art class and "tried" to sell the clay sculptures he made. It wasn't until later in life Alex realized fashion was his skill set. "I was an entrepreneur before I even knew I was an entrepreneur". 



Christian Ramos 

Christian Ramos was born in Tucson, Arizona in August of 2000. He is dedicated to bringing quality products and the best design concepts to The Fourth Society. He manages to take care of the company marketing and still be the face of the company, all while still caring for his cat. 

Starting as a student in community college, he knew inside he wasn't fit for it. What he did see, though were college kids with the cleanest outfits. He had a dream he could create his own design only for a select group of people. Shortly after his first cat, and his mother, had passed away at a young age, he made that dream a reality. Left with only his passion and motivation to continue, he has now become a founder for The Fourth Society.

"Dreaming is a basic human necessity. It is like water or food, without it we cannot function. However, what is more important than simply dreaming is creating. I think that's partly where the idea for The Fourth Society came from. Instead of waiting for a dream to come to you, you have to be the one to follow that dream. If you are dedicated and are constant and persistent enough, the dream will have no choice but to fall in the palms of your hands and become a reality. Good things come to those who wait, but better things come to those who don't. That's what The Fourth Society is all about."